Friday, June 1, 2018

Dublin, Ireland

Guinness Brewery 

July 14th-16th
Dublin, Ireland
Temple Bar
      They say the city that never sleeps is the buzzing atmosphere of New York City. The crowds of hurried people all fighting for the same taxi, the endless array of street performers, and the business of Broadway Street lights can make any individual overwhelmed. However; in my opinion, Dublin, Ireland truly epitomizes the meaning of the phrase. 

Dublin Castle
       The streets of Temple Bar District in Dublin are alive like no other area of the world. Continuous street performers, loud and happy bar customers, and celebrating bachelor's parties fill the cobblestoned streets with energy. Along with the people, Dublin is full of rich history! You cannot walk a road without stumbling across a castle or church. 

         If you have any Irish descendants, or if you don't live under a rock, you know the stereotype that Irish people tend to drink a lot of alcohol. I am 75% Irish, so I'm allowed to say this is 100% true. At least in the Temple Bar district, "socially excitable" people litter the streets, laughing with good company and spilling their drinks.  

Jameson Distillery

Something you absolutely must try both Guinness and Jameson. Since they are both brewed in Dublin, they are both traditional and really cheap compared to the United States! 

                   Pizza! Of course. Who would have guessed the American girl would opt for a classic margarita pizza paired with cold coca-cola for her first meal in Ireland? Also, Irish coffee is an absolute must when exploring the streets of Dublin. Your basic Irish coffee consists of black coffee, a teaspoon of brown sugar, Irish whiskey, and whipped heavy cream. A nice jumpstart to your morning! 

St. Paul's Cathedral

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